Meet Our Team

Tha Mash Unit

Derek & Teresa Taylor


Derek & Teresa also known to the world as Mista & Mrs Taylor are pillars in the creative community. The couple met in their late teens and have been married since 1993. They have 4 adult children that are also creatives. Derek is from a suburb right outside of Chicago, Ill and Teresa is a true California native. They both began their professional careers early in life which now spans over 40 years!!! They have worked with artist from all over the world and have toured the United States dozens of times as well as tours in Europe. In more recent years MMT has been putting their years of experience to good use by mentoring others and encouraging them to use their talents for a message of hope, through school assemblies. Inspired by the loss of Derek’s younger brother to drugs the Taylor’s have created a program through their company THA MASH UNITTMU Assemblies is passionate about helping young people realize the positive impact they can have on their community and the world around them by making better choices. 


Phone: (949) 923-7083

Grace E.

Spoken Word Artist

Grace E. is a masterful wordsmith. She was raised on boba tea and hip hop in Orange County, CA. Though she now has 2 studio albums under her belt and a bustling resume of various accomplishments, she was once just a shy, nearly speechless girl. Grace is most excited about the opportunity of using her platform as a Creative Writer as an opportunity to help the unheard to know that their voice matters too.


Singer & Actress

Anna (ah-nah), pronounced like the princess from Disney’s Frozen, is a singer, actor, vocal coach, songwriter, voice over artist, and all around creative! She passionately inspires others, both on and off the stage, through performance, writing, and individual coaching.

Her self made motto is to, “change culture through art.” She hopes to do this by connecting people to create and share their art, no matter how big or small their platform may be. “I’ve seen the power of creativity heal hearts and change lives: from adults in prison, rehab centers, living at home, or living on the streets: to kids with special needs, speech impediments, or day to day insecurities that come with discovering an individual identity, and beyond! Everyone has a story to tell or a hidden passion they long to express. I seek to provide those safe spaces for people to explore their creativity, vulnerability, identity, and joy!“


Music Artist

SETH.Music’s work as a hip-hop recording artist stems from his family’s rich background in the arts and current artist collaborative TMU. He has used his gifts for various outreach events, life-changing organizations and leadership programs. This has allowed him to be a part of multiple nationwide tours including a documentary film called Become2016 in which he visited all 50 states. He has been invited to many events such as youth rallies, school assemblies and workshops as a guest speaker and musician. Seth has written, recorded and performed over 4 full-length studio albums released on all major music downloading sites.



From a curious kid growing up in hip hop culture to a genius level artist, Gairett Taylor aka GT has been in the game since he was only 13 years old. He has been recognized and nurtured by pioneers in the music production industry. His production has reached the use of numerous artists, globally. Alongside his mastery of music, Gairett serves as a skillful DJ/ music entertainer.

Gairett vehemently works to perfect his craft as an individual by carving out his own path. His sound is unadulterated by the main stream.


Music Artist

Shem Taylor is a Mash Unit recording artist and actor. He has toured the US with his music, TV performances and is currently working on his next album. Shem hopes to encourage and inspire his listeners with positive and compelling topics that are not usually found in modern hip-hop music. Being different is Shem’s aim and forte.



Dejah has been dancing since the age of 5, with 11 years of teaching experience. She is skilled in hip-hop and is an avid practitioner of the popping and animation style. She has performed for Kanye West, Many Christian Artists, Victor Manualle, The Premos Award Show, IFA freedom Mela Bollywood, and featured in music videos. In 201, Dejah spent 9 months on tour with Epic Assemblies. Since then she has relocated to the Atlanta area, performing at many corporate events, countless movie sets, and was featured on the hit shows “Star” and “Atlanta”. In 2021, Dejah was a part of Kanye West, the recording artist, Donda Listening Party at the Mercedes Benz Stadium. Dejah’s philosophy is to inspire the next generation with a passion for this incredible art form we call dance. Her hope is that her students will always strive to take what they are taught to new levels, endlessly exploring the world of creativity.



David has over 10 years of experience in the dance industry. He’s opened up for Boys 2 Men, performed at the Universal Circus, Tampa Bay Rays, the IIFA awards, and more. In 2012 David broke his neck at gymnastics and the following year recovered enabling him to teach and perform in India. In 2015 he spent 9 months touring with Epic Assemblies, traveling and sharing his story through the arts. David currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia, since then doing countless music videos and industry work including (American Soul, Big Boi, Super Bowl LIII, and much more. He danced for  Atlanta Hawks (A-Town Breakers) and is the captain of the Atlanta Braves (ATL Breakers). His goal is to spread hope and inspiration through dance in whatever way possible.


Event Producer

Lulliana “Lulu Dee” Davila is a student by nature, leader by action & guided by wisdom & skill. Lulu is an event producer, singer/songwriter, audio technician, DJ, videographer, photographer, editor & content creator. Lulu is a firm believer in the arts and that creatives all have a great part in today’s culture and generation. Recently, she started her own coaching business exclusively for Creatives in Atlanta, GA.


Actress & Spoken Word Artist

Melita Taylor was born and raised in Tucson Arizona. She is an actress and spoken word artist. She has traveled the US performing on many stages with her talents. Using her gifts to encourage and inspire those around her, Melita Taylor stands out from the crowd in today’s negative culture. She is currently working on building her own clothing brand. Which will soon hit the scene later this year.