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Tha Mash Unit is an artist collective comprised of contributors from different backgrounds, skills, and shades. All beautifully broken in different ways, we pride ourselves on vulnerability. We are the broken arrows, aimed toward every opposition that students face.

In-Person Assemblies

Since 2013, Tha Mash Unit founders, Derek and Teresa Taylor as well as various Artist Associates of Tha Mash Unit, have provided high-end school assemblies across the continental United States. What started off as a group of strangers with a common goal, to creatively share a message of hope to students, has become a widely recognized resource for schools facing a plethora of social issues in and out of the classroom.

Through the arts, our team can effectively communicate to students about tough topics that they currently face such as: mental health, substance abuse, physical abuse, bullying/self-harming, etc. Every element of each artistic piece (dance, spoken word, song, rap, etc.) has been thoughtfully curated for middle and high school students. 

Originality, honesty, and hope are the key elements that go into both our live and virtual performances

Virtual Assemblies

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, our hearts have gone out to all students, and school faculty across the country who have been greatly challenged with a new way of schooling. Many students have struggled exponentially with their social environments and so we have extended our resources to Virtual Platforms.

Tha Mash Unit rolled out our first Virtual Assembly in May of 2020. Cast members take to pre-recorded assemblies as well as live Zoom sessions to interact with students and teachers. This has proven itself a great tool for schools in allowing their students to feel heard, seen and cared for atop of academics all while remaining safe. 

The world may look a little different now, but quality education shouldn’t have to.